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Migrating to Lerna - Part 3

on May 11, 2019  -  👩‍💻  11 min read

In this post we’ll talk about how to actually go about publishing everything. We’ll go out of our way and explore a versioning method not natively supported by…

Migrating to Lerna - Part 2

on May 11, 2019  -  👨🏻‍💻  9 min read

In this post we’ll see how to update your development environment to support all of the changes we made in the previous post. This includes building the…

Migrating to Lerna - Part 1

on May 11, 2019  -  👩‍💻  16 min read

In this post we’ll understand why at some point a component library needs to migrate from a single package to multi-package architecture. We’ll also see how we…

Defining the API of a Component Library

on March 16, 2019  -  👩🏻‍💻  15 min read

Component libraries are abundant in the world of React, there’s so much of them that there’s even a categorized list of them. And still with all that…

A deubgging story(book)

on January 30, 2019  -  👩🏾‍💻  7 min read

First thing’s first - Storybook is an awesome tool that allows you to develop/showcase your components. It has support for a whole range of frameworks and…

Introducing: Composition Provider

on January 06, 2019  -  👨🏿‍💻  6 min read

Before we can dive deep into a pattern and what it means, we’ll need to first understand what it is we’re trying to solve. The main inconvenience is what’s…

What's with setInterval?

on November 17, 2018  -  👨🏻‍💻  5 min read

It all started in Chrome Dev Summit 2018 at the talk Paul & Surma gave about the Actor Model and how it can be applied in web development. Somewhere in the…

Always plan to virtualize

on October 21, 2018  -  👩🏼‍💻  7 min read

Always plan to virtualize In this post we’ll see what virtualizing is, why it’s very useful when dealing with large data sets and how to write your components…